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We are a blockchain developer that aims to provide ethreum service platforms to help consumers solve their most challenging biz pains. The website was founded in 2018 by a passionate team of bitcoin scientists and engineers with expertise in decentralized application, DiFi, tron blockchain games, and promotion.

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[New Technologies Entrepreneurship 2018Q1] Former Guitar Hero creator enters the blockchain to start a business, "GAMEngine" really wants to be considered a decentralized gaming community

Every small step of a startup company nowadays may become a large step to change the world in the future. Predicated on this original intention, we have always been willing to continue to follow and record on the new developments from the startups we approached.

By the end of 2017, we produced some reports on "New Technologies Entrepreneurship 2017". We compensated a return visit to some of the start-ups within the technology field we had previously reported and approached, and in comparison their progress in 2017, programs for 2018, understanding and judgment of the Organize and show readers. Based on the good feedback received from this series in those days, we also hope to continue to do it on a quarterly basis, in order to provide readers who are concerned about this industry with more valuable information.

1. What is the essential situation of the company?

GAMEngine's vision is usually to be a decentralized gaming community that allows people to produce, invest, market and sell video games in a distinctive way. Designers can contact traders; fans can provide feedback and suggestions on the game to make it more fun, so that a lot more new games could be sold to the market. If the game is successful, designers, investors, and gamers can all understand benefits. Moreover, GAMEngine is dispersed and only managed by the city. There is absolutely no authority to decide which game will probably be worth developing.

2. Why perform GAMEngine?

The game business is very similar to the entertainment industry. When the game has not yet been recognized by the market, it's very difficult to develop and release the game, often dealing with the famous "chicken or egg" dilemma. Investors and publishers believe that buying developers without big IP is really a very risky matter. The same holds true in the film and publishing business, which explains why you see so many sequels, group of movies and publications. Tron blockchain is one of the best blockchain for games, dapps and gambling.

When I produced "Guitar Hero", my buddy and I furthermore faced this issue. Relying on the high anticipation of the market for "Guitar Hero", we will release it even though we ran out of advancement funds, because we have been very confident within the success of this game. When there is no capital raising or publisher willing to go with us through the main release time period, our excitement quickly becomes worry. The chicken and egg issue forced me to take out my home and execute a second mortgage.

Fortunately, this is a safe bet, and Acoustic guitar Hero and its own peripheral products have gradually become the fastest-selling game in history, with sales achieving $1 billion and eventually achieving $5 billion.

Since then, I have already been thinking about how exactly to produce an ecosystem where new games could be developed, funded, and examined, in order to avoid making the game business a "sequel dependent industry." Designers, investors and gamers work together to accomplish profitability in the new game. This is actually the source of GAMEngine. AFTER I met Bitmark at that time, my mind has been immediately opened up. Their blockchain technology focuses on recording and preserving real estate rights. In my own contact with Bitmark, I found that blockchain is the best foundation for constructing GAMEngine.

Therefore, GAMEngine's vision is to turn into a decentralized gaming local community that allows people to create, invest, market, and sell video games in a distinctive way. Designers can contact traders; fans can provide feedback and suggestions on the game to make it more fun, so that a lot more new games could be sold to the market. If the game is successful, designers, investors, and gamers can all understand benefits. Moreover, GAMEngine is dispersed and only managed by the city. There is absolutely no authority to decide which game will probably be worth developing.

3. In Q1 of 2018, what progress has the business made in terms of technology, products, market, commercialization, funding, and team?

I started GAMEngine in Feb 2017. The initial idea was to make it simpler for a wide range of international investors to make large-scale investments within the video game business, thereby facilitating task financing for video game creators (designers) and bringing better original video games to game fans.

Last year, we made great progress in constructing teams, our teams are located in Silicon Valley (just next door to Apple company in Cupertino, California), Taiwan and Vietnam. We have been expanding our company and software architectural staff in order to entice stakeholders (traders, game makers and game fans) towards the platform and market technological development. Currently, there are 24 people within the GAMEngine team.

We are currently preparing the first round of funding activities, that may allow us to further develop the group and speed up the deployment from the GAMEngine platform.

With regards to business, last year, we have been discussing with traders and game makers the problems they face within the video game business, which is extremely dependent on results and licenses. Through these conversations, we have found out solutions that may bring profitable economic results to all stakeholders. The task we are dealing with now is how exactly to implement what we have learned and perfected into decentralized technology solutions, in order to introduce large-scale investment and achieve speedy growth.

With regards to technology, in the third quarter of last year, we completed task financing for gaming revenue sources and technical style specifications for the secondary market. Previously this year, we finished the prototype from the Loan by Sales (RBF). The general public Bitmark property rights blockchain provides matured accordingly, as well as the legal source of income/property rights of GAMEngine will be recorded. For instance, last year, Bitmark blockchain cooperated using the University of California at Berkeley to supply personal health data, used Hyperledger to support open standards, and cooperated with KKBox to develop music rights.

4. In Q2 of 2018, what new progress may the company have with regards to technology, products, market, commercialization, funding, and team?

Our next essential milestone may be the launch from the GAMEngine platform administration system in the third quarter of this year. This can permit token holders to actively participate in the introduction of the platform as well as the ecosystem, and collectively decide on new development functions and economic plans.

5. In Q1 of 2018, three items that have the greatest impact on the? In Q2 2018, which are the major industry events that are of most concern?

Recently, I've seen plenty of conversations about disrupting the and decentralization through blockchain technology. The reason I believe these are important to GAMEngine is because GAMEngine is really a decentralized trading platform that will concern warrants for gaming revenue sources on the public blockchain.

What we discovered from companies such as for example IBM, Apple company, and Hewlett-Packard is that no matter how good a company is and exactly how amazing its worth is, it is going to have to be disrupted in order to grow and influence the entire business. Because enterprises are centralized and focus on providing maximum results to shareholders. Over time, maximizing results will eventually issue with customers and other stakeholders (local community, employees, atmosphere). Let's assume that there is no market strength (government safety) to reconcile, this friction will create possibilities for subversion. We believe that the decentralized model allows us to raised disrupt the gaming industry.

When developing GAMEngine, we carefully considered how exactly to create a real disruption within the video game business, rather than the marginal benefits which will be disrupted again afterwards. We know that such subversion will not come from what we create for everybody, but from what we create as well as everyone.

We believe that if all stakeholders in an economy always preserve a mutual romantic relationship, then a well balanced ecosystem can look in such a public system. No-one can directly benefit from the system, including the team, so you will see no incentive conflicts that happen in centralized systems/enterprises.

The usage of public blockchains is just an extension of this concept. The general public blockchain managed by self-employed miners means that no individual, country/region, or entity (also the GAMEngine group) can transform the warrants of the source of income.

The "New Technologies Entrepreneurship" series happens to be mainly targeted at companies with new technology directions, such as for example AI, robotics, Web of Items, blockchain, smart manufacturing, detectors, semiconductors, VR/AR/MR, commercial aerospace, and technologically revolutionary hardware, etc. . We will also advance research in other industries in a well planned way, therefore don't worry.