Old Style Siamese Cattery

About Us

Opera House Siamese is a small, legitimate CFF (Cat Fanciers' Federation, Inc) registered home based cattery located in a very nice old part of Schenectady, NY. We are not a breeding business, but a "hobby breeder" as specified by US law, i.e. "...no more than three breeding cats". Currently we have two queens - Chocolate Point Resa (Celeste Amneris) and Seal Point Turandot (Tousia), one spayed Seal Point girl Fenya, and one neutered Seal Point boy Rigoletto. Our cats are our beloved pets and live with us absolutely cage free. All our cats are tested negative for FeLV and FIV.

The kittens are born in our bedroom and raised underfoot as a part of our family. They are our children and we love and spoil them tremendously.

Our veterinarian is Dr. Susan Sikule, D.V.M. of Just Cats -  the best feline specialist in the region (2073 Western Ave. Guilderland, NY 12084; 518-869-5779).

Our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/ohsiamese/

Alexey                                                  Nina

Alexey is a professor of Microbiology. Being a scientist, by his own nature, he takes his responsibilities as a breeder very seriously, carefully studying all subjects before making the right decision in every aspect of responsible breeding.

Nina is a microbiologist as well, but because she was gifted with such a majestic voice she naturally became an opera singer performing all around the world with great success. Now she teaches music and gives vocal lessons.