Old Style Siamese Cattery


Quotes Hello, Nina and Alexey! I cannot express in words how wonderful Rosina is! Thank you for such a beautiful kitten! Regards, Al. Quotes
Alan K.

Quotes Hi, Nina and Alexey! Basilio is doing fine. He was upset going to the vet's but did well. He is sleeping through the night, eating lots, meeting new friends and being very brave about it. He now roams around the house as if it were his kingdom, getting used to hearing the shower, playing lots. He is extremely sweet and affectionate. His people skills are a testament to the loving household that he was raised in. Quotes
Judy S.

Quotes Hi, Nina and Alexey! All is super well! I feel spending the whole week with her made all the difference. Lola and Pumpkin are bonding. I caught him giving her a bath like he was the mama. She knows her name and is working on coming to us when we call. She discovered the big cellar, which was fun. When I watch TV she is always in my lap. The huge kitty tower is her domain! Sleeps and plays hard. Lola is getting more comfortable with Lucy our cavalier dog. Likes to chase her tail when wagging. Lola's eating and drinking well. We love her so. Thank you, Resa for our beautiful girl! And thank you both for all the love and care you gave her. Quotes
Madeleine & Ron W., Pumpkin, Lucy (the dog) and LOLA!

Quotes Dear Nina & Alexey! I can't believe the kittens have only been with me one week. It seems much longer as they have already settled in and feel right at home. Mishka kept us up the very first night with his crying, but after that he was OK and is now best friends with Figaro. They like to play and sleep together, and even groom each other. Oh, and no problem letting me rub their bellies, they like it. Sometimes they stretch out and just relax, and sometimes they like to play, but I just go easy so they don't bite or scratch too much. We just finished our 2nd day of toilet training and no accidents! I had litter boxes next to the toilets all last week, so transitioning to the "CityKitty" was a breeze. I ordered a meat grinder to make your raw meat diet recipe. I think it will pay for itself in no time, and I think I will also try grinding some fresh hamburger for myself. Thanks for all you help. I'm lucky to have found you two! I love these cats! Quotes
Michael G.

Quotes Dear Nina and Alexey, Just wanted to give you both an update on Nova. We Love her so much!! She has adjusted beautifully to her new home. She loves to play and be loved. Over the years in my family we have had nine Siamese cats they have all been wonderful in their own way. However, she is the most special already. You both did a wonderful job spending quality time with her, and it has made her the beautiful girl she has become. If we ever want another Siamese we know who to call! By the way, she has been to our vet and everything, as you know, checked out ok. Thank you both again and we will continue to stay in touch with you. Thanks, Wendy Quotes
Wendy P.

Quotes Dear Nina & Alexey, Just a quick update that our baby girl is settling in fine. She slept on our bed all night. She is eating, drinking and exploring. She "talks" the whole time that she explores. We think she is looking for her mother, sister and the two of you. You were right. She is one of the most affectionate and sweet Siamese we have ever seen. She purrs all of the time and loves to be loved. Thank you so much for this beautiful little girl. We will keep in touch. Wendy & Joe Quotes
Wendy & Joe P.

Quotes Dear Alexey and Nina, It was hard to take him because we could clearly see the love that you and Nina have for him. He is so very special. Because you have treated him with such love, attention and tenderness, his transition has been a smooth one. When we got home he initially would not leave the crate. We told the kids to never force him, that he would venture out when HE FELT comfortable. This patience has paid off, yesterday he used the litter box, ate and drank. Initially he played timidly but today he is back to the way that we saw him at your home. He nuzzles our noses, cuddles on our lap, and purrs in contentment. You and Nina impressed us so. Thank you for the care that you gave him. Thank you for all of the information (i.e. the recipes, the litter suggestion, and litter box, the suggested online food, etc.), this has made the transition smooth for him. We have maintained everything as he is accustomed to. We will email pictures. Fondly, Elsie and Mark Quotes
Elsie & Mark J.

Quotes Dear Nina and Alexey, Nilla voiced her opinion quite a lot on the drive home, but a few words of comfort quieted her down. She welcomed her new home with a curious nature. She took an instant liking to Annie, taking naps on her shoulder and making a comfy spot on her pillow. Next morning she seemed to accept her new home and celebrated with a lavish feast of the Young Again dry food, after which she took a nice trip to her litter box. We are overjoyed to have a new family member, and we have fully embraced her wonderful personality. She is fine with our elder and mellow dog. They peacefully sat on the couch and watched TV together. Nilla is a wonderful addition to our family. A cat that has her own opinions and plenty to say is a cat that's worth loving! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and honor you for bringing a shining gem into the world and letting us love her. We are now complete and will be forever grateful. Sincerely, Geri, Annie, and Megan Quotes
Geri R.

Quotes Hi Nina & Alexey, We wanted you to know our little Duke Perseus of Middlesex Is doing quite well!! He has become a beloved member of our family . He is such a lover , he is a very sociable and loving kitten. Even our Kobe, our adult cat, has taken him under his wing and today he has been completely out of his safe room our downstairs study, enjoying the sunny windows throughout our house with Kobe . He looks at our Chocolate lab Charlie who is very gentle and seems unafraid. We want you to know we believe it is your gentle and loving upbringing that has given us such a wonderful new addition to our family. Even our youngest daughter who was visiting over the weekend has called every evening since she has gone back to NYC to get the kitten reports ! Again Thank you ! We will send you updates and pictures next time ! Kind regards, Diane & Hal Quotes
Diane & Hal S.

Quotes We arrived safely home and the little guy did really well in the car (slept 98% of the way home and the other 2% just observing). He is adjusting nicely already and even ate some food, drank some water and took another nap in the cat carrier late this afternoon. He is very inquisitive and is having a good time checking out his new digs. Of course his new digs is only one room for now but he has investigated every inch of it. He is so cute! I really think he's going to be at home in no time at all. He hasn't been too fazed by the dog noises which I'm surprised at but they haven't had a face to face yet and we don't plan on that happening for a least another week or so. I can't thank you again for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a nice fellow. We've already fallen in love with him. We were also glad to see all his siblings and Mom in action. It was a pleasure to meet you all. I'll send pictures as soon as I can. Quotes
Lisa P.